Friday, January 7, 2011

Easy authcache

Happy new year!!!

This is my present to you: Easy Authcache release.

You need easy authcache if:

  1. Your project is dynamic and  there are a lot of authenticated users
  2. Your project have problems with performance
  3. You have not access to ssh or have limits on software to install on server
  4. You have not time or do not want to configure reverse-proxies like Varnish, ngnix and etc.

How easy authcache can help me?

In few words it will cache all necessary pages with replaced dynamic regions by mock html elements and after that on client side it will replace that's mocks with real html that it will get with ajax. And also you can simply add css to theme that mock html with throbbers  you need. 

hm.. intresting.. may I have more information?

Sure. Easy authcache is module that extends authcache, makes integration between authcache and other community modules and provide api to implement your own module.

For now it supports this modules:
Also it solve some problems authcache have. For example path context for views, blocks and etc. Authcache allways get content from same path so views can not get arguments correct. The other problem is sync js files and settings in case we get new html with ajax.

how can I install easy authcache?

  1. Download and enable authcache module
  2. Download and enable easy_authcache module
  3. Add  to settings.php  $conf['cache_inc'] = './sites/all/modules/authcache/';
  4. Copy authcache_custom.php file from easy_authcache/_authcache/authcache_custom.php to authcache/ajax/  and change (authcache/ajax/authcache.php:str 42) to include  authcache_custom.php, if needed.
  5. Enable Easy authcache and it's plugins you need in drupal admin part url /admin/build/modules/list
  6. Config Easy authcache and/or it's plugns (some of them needs Easy Authcache UI module enabled to config, views for example).
  7. Select block you need to get dynamic by checking "Download by ajax"
  8. Select views you need to get dynamic on page admin/settings/performance/authcache/easyauthcache
  9. Clear cache
  10. Enjoy

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