Sunday, November 20, 2011

Easy authcache 2

   Today I have released easy authcache 2 - module that provide api for easy implementation server side includes with different tools.

   For now easy authcache 2 support Varnish ESI and drupal Authcache ways to include dynamic html.
In future going to add support SSI. Support server side includes will be usefull for using drupal+nginx.

   Modules that provide way making server side include called - plugins. There are additional modules that implements easy authcache 2 api for different drupal modules. Drupal block implementation  was ported from easy authcache 1. In a few weeks will be ported implementation of comments, plus1 and views modules.

Also functionality for generation varnish config is in plans.

Patches are wellcome.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Easy authcache

Happy new year!!!

This is my present to you: Easy Authcache release.

You need easy authcache if:

  1. Your project is dynamic and  there are a lot of authenticated users
  2. Your project have problems with performance
  3. You have not access to ssh or have limits on software to install on server
  4. You have not time or do not want to configure reverse-proxies like Varnish, ngnix and etc.

How easy authcache can help me?

In few words it will cache all necessary pages with replaced dynamic regions by mock html elements and after that on client side it will replace that's mocks with real html that it will get with ajax. And also you can simply add css to theme that mock html with throbbers  you need. 

hm.. intresting.. may I have more information?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Continuous Integration - Drupal way. Part 2 - Build.

Why should you read this article?

  • Developer, Team Leader, Admin:
    • You will find out how to use build script that will save your time, spend on configuration of your project on dev, test, stage and production servers, on local computers of managers and testers. 
    • Build script will allow you to make CI system and get all profits it gaves you.
  • Manager:
    • You have a lot of project in same time, and want to install in on local comp easily.
    • You will get standart way to install projects on some machine in one click. To install new project you have to run $ant in console. Do this on local machine.
    • You can demo machine with Husdon and build script. It will allow you allways have actual version of project to test and to show to client.
  • Tester, QA manager:
    • You have a lot of project in same time, and want to install in on local comp easily.
    • You will get standart way to install projects on some machine in one click. To install new project you have to run $ant in console. Do this on local machine.
    • You can make CI, add there tests and have regression testing easily.

Project page: ci-drupal

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SQL to update pathes for modules with multisite drupal installation


Modules was setted up for one site from multisite drupal installation. So we have it installed in /sites/ and that pathes we have in system table in DB. Now we need to see them on other site for example so all pathes should be /sites/


UPDATE `system` t, (
SELECT REPLACE(filename, '', '') as test, name as name, type as type
FROM `system` WHERE `filename` LIKE '') AS t2
SET t.filename = t2.test
WHERE = AND t.type = t2.type

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Authcache - detailed documentation

Authcache is drupal community contributed module you can find here Authcache project page. The Authcache module offers page caching for both anonymous users and logged-in authenticated users. This allows Drupal/PHP to only spend 1-2 milliseconds serving pages, greatly reducing server resources. Please note that enabling authenticated user caching will require modifying how your user-customized content displays on your pages. You should be an experienced Drupal developer if you choose to implement the full functionality of this module. Anonymous caching won't require any changes and will offer a speed improvement over Drupal core since hitting the database can be completely avoided.

Authcache Installation
To install authcache module you need
  1. Download authcache module and extract it to drupal contrib modules dir (usual /sites/all/modules).

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Continuous Integration - Drupal way. Part 1 - Begining.

   I'm going  to grow quality of products we get  in company I working in.
   I'm going to make ability to show bugs free product when client what.    (functionality that marked "done" realy 100% done)
   I'm going to make code clear and developement process managing.
   I'm going to make regressive testing cheap.
   I'm going to remove trivial round things from my live.

And you?
Are you going to do the same?
If (Yes) {
  let's share out expiriance
else  {
  skip this article

CI will help us. I think you know what is CI and what goals it allow to reach. (If no, you can read about CI here).
This is the first article about CI in drupal development practice.
Goal of that articles is to describe architecture of CI system and disscuss it's effectivity.
I'm going to create CI infrastructure that will be easy to use on practice of drupal development.

Here is the plan:
1) Ant build scenario.
2) Hudson configuration.
3) Code quality control - Copy/Paste reduce and Code style.
4) Drupal Simple Test and CI.
5) Selenium and Drupal Simple Test module.
6) Effective build configuration.

More detailed about each of this items.