Saturday, March 13, 2010

Continuous Integration - Drupal way. Part 1 - Begining.

   I'm going  to grow quality of products we get  in company I working in.
   I'm going to make ability to show bugs free product when client what.    (functionality that marked "done" realy 100% done)
   I'm going to make code clear and developement process managing.
   I'm going to make regressive testing cheap.
   I'm going to remove trivial round things from my live.

And you?
Are you going to do the same?
If (Yes) {
  let's share out expiriance
else  {
  skip this article

CI will help us. I think you know what is CI and what goals it allow to reach. (If no, you can read about CI here).
This is the first article about CI in drupal development practice.
Goal of that articles is to describe architecture of CI system and disscuss it's effectivity.
I'm going to create CI infrastructure that will be easy to use on practice of drupal development.

Here is the plan:
1) Ant build scenario.
2) Hudson configuration.
3) Code quality control - Copy/Paste reduce and Code style.
4) Drupal Simple Test and CI.
5) Selenium and Drupal Simple Test module.
6) Effective build configuration.

More detailed about each of this items.